The most efficient way to achieve your desired results and prevent injury is your ability to utilize every movement and exercise as effectively as possible. UMTBC Foundation will allow you to develop your skill set, and functional movement in a slower paced lower intensity workout! A must-attend first class for anyone new to UMTBC Lifestyle Center!



 check.jpg   Develop Muay Thai technique

check.jpg    Enhance functional movement

check.jpg    Learn proper pad holding

check.jpg    Increased cardiovascular capacity

check.jpg    Increased strength and flexibility

check.jpg    Body fat reduction





The core of all our programs, elevate is a mix of Muay Thai, aerobics, static and dynamic stretches, core exercises, and plyometrics. All combined into a one hour High Intensity Interval group fitness setting that puts your body through a circuit of the most effective programs and exercises to get you to your goals but also allow you to push through your mental limitations. Our classes are designed to provide you with enough challenges to keep your body and mind engaged but also with the movement to release more energy from within you, allowing you to feel reinvigorated and re-vitalized at the end of every class.



check.jpg  Increased body fat reduction

check.jpg  Increased endurance and stamina

check.jpg  Increased core strength and development

check.jpg  Increase in lean muscle

check.jpg  Increased athletic and functional ability

check.jpg  Increase in daily focus and energy






Feeling the mid day slumps? Our blitz class is the perfect program designed to provide your body with the pump to get you focused and re-energized to carry on with your day. 30 minutes of high intensity interval and free body exercises and core movements for rapidly losing body fat and improving your cardiovascular conditioning. Efficient and effective, our blitz class is the perfect cure to change the pace mid day or get a quick workout in after a long days work!



 check.jpg   Increased stamina and endurance

check.jpg    Overall body fat reduction

check.jpg    Increased core strength and balance

check.jpg    Increased metabolism

check.jpg     Increased energy levels





Whether you are a morning person or not our RISE class is the most effective way to start the morning and ensure you stay on course with your goals and productive throughout the day. The perfect blend of aerobics, static stretches, and interval training. This class is designed to gradually wake up your nervous system, get the blood flowing, and introduce a massive amount of oxygen to your body. This class will have your body pulsing and elevate your metabolism for the day to come.

We believe your morning workout should be something you want to do every day, so we make sure to not blast your body through a workout that leaves you tired before you even get to work, instead provides you with the boost to jump start your day and stay ahead of the pack!



check.jpg  Increased energy

check.jpg  Elevated metabolism

check.jpg  Increased strength and muscle balance

check.jpg  Increased Core strength

check.jpg  Increased flexibility

check.jpg  Increased Mental focus



An outer world experience that will take you through the depths of your imagination and develop the true feeling of presence by removing emotional baggage, unnecessary thoughts, and clear your mind of the fog that clouds you and prevents you from moving forward and excelling in your daily life! Experience the ultimate sense of well being and relief. Dream!



 check.jpg  Heightened sense of being

check.jpg   Developing a sense of control over situations and emotions

check.jpg   Increased focus and attention

check.jpg  Mental stress relief

check.jpg  Awakening

check.jpg Better sleeping patterns

check.jpg  Increased calm

check.jpg  Increased awareness of surroundings