About us


UMTBC is the fastest-growing lifestyle fitness movement in Ottawa. We combine fitness training, group dynamics, stimulating music, Muay Thai and mindfulness into a tremendously effective shape-up program. Exercise beginners and lifelong athletes alike have been discovering the results: an electrifying and addictive atmosphere unlike anything else.

UMTBC will awaken the potential that lies within you by targeting your individual needs for change in nutrition, fitness, mindset, and lifestyle, regardless of your age or physical abilities. Delve into a world where you’ll be given the tools to create the lifestyle you’ve only dreamed of, with a community of like-minded people who will support you every step of the way!

UMTBC is for people looking to change more than just their athletic skills. It’s for people looking to transform the way they eat, train, work, think and live. Step-up your work ethic, break down the illusion of limitations and open yourself up to a new reality. Join us as we go beyond the workout, step above the physical, and awaken our potential!